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Tazaki Tsukuru p.46-47. A Japanese-English vocabulary of Haruki Murakami's latest novel.

page 46:

資質 [ししつ: SHISHITSU]  nature, disposition.
持ち合わせる [もちあわせる: MOCHIAWASERU]  to happen to have on hand or in stock
いとも簡単に [いともかんたんに: ITOMOKANTANNI]  very easily
恋い焦がれる [こいこがれる: KOIKOGARERU]  to yearn for, to be deeply in love with
[ねたましい: NETAMASHII]  jealous, envious
悔しい [くやしい: KUYASHII]  vexing, annoying, frustrating, regrettable, mortifying.
やり場 [やりば: YARIBA]  place of refuge (figurative), outlet (for an emotion, anger, etc.)
憧れる [あこがれる: AKOGARERU]  to long for, to yearn after, to admire, to be attracted by.
列記 [れっき: REKKI]  list, enumeration
[あくまで: AKUMADE]  (uk) to the end, to the bitter end, to the last, stubbornly, persistently, to the utmost
完結 [かんけつ: KANKETSU]  conclusion, completion.
類い [たぐい: TAGUI]  (1) kind, sort, type, (2) equal, match, peer
分離 [ぶんり: BUNRI]  separation, partition, detachment, segregation, isolation, decollation.

page 47:

絞り上げる [しぼりあげる: SHIBORIAGERU]  (1) to squeeze (to the utmost), to wring, (2) to strain one's voice, (3) to scold
激烈 [げきれつ: GEKIRETSU]  violent, vehement, furious, fervent
裂ける [さける: SAKERU]  to split, to tear, to burst.
悲鳴を上げる [ひめいをあげる: HIMEIWOAGERU]  (1) to scream, (2) to whine, to grumble, to complain
細胞 [さいぼう: SAIBOU]  cell (biology).
干上がる [ひあがる: HIAGARU]  to dry up, to parch, to ebb away
濃密 [のうみつ: NOUMITSU]  (1) thick, rich (as in taste or content), (2) crowded
液 [えき: EKI]  liquid, fluid.
髄 [ずい: ZUI]  medulla, marrow, pith
どろり  (on-mim) thick (of a liquid), muddy, gooey
搾り出す [しぼりだす: SHIBORIDASU]  to squeeze out, to wring out
肺 [はい: HAI]  lung.
一対 [いっつい: ITTSUI]  pair, couple
[ふいご: FUIGO]  (uk) (pair of) bellows
アクセル  [ AKUSERU] (1) (abbr) accelerator
昂ぶる [たかぶる: TAKABURU]  (1) to be highly strung, to be proud, to be haughty, (2) to get excited, to get worked up
むしり取る [むしりとる: MUSHIRITORU]  to tear off, to pluck off
[こする: KOSURU]  (uk) to rub, to scrub.
[ぬめぬめ: NUMENUME]  (1) (uk) slimy, slippery, (vs) (2) (uk) to have a sheen
直観 [ちょっかん: CHOKKAN]  intuition, instinct, insight, hunch.
奪い取る [うばいとる: UBAITORU]  to plunder
絶望的 [ぜつぼうてき: ZETSUBOUTEKI]  desperate, hopeless
牢獄 [ろうごく: ROUGOKU]  prison, jail, gaol
囚人 [しゅうじん: SHUUJIN]  prisoner.
閉じ込める [とじこめる: TOJIKOMERU]  to lock up, to shut up, to imprison
力尽くで [ちからずくで: CHIKARAZUKUDE]  (exp) by sheer strength
鉄格子 [てつごうし: TETSUGOUSHI]  (1) (iron) grill, lattice or bars, (2) prison (sl.)
投げ捨てる [なげすてる: NAGESUTERU]  to throw away

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