Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tazaki Tsukuru p.37-38. A Japanese-English vocabulary of Haruki Murakami's latest novel.

page 37:

きつい  (1) intense, severe, hard, (2) determined, forceful, formidable, (3) strong, (4) tight, close.
当初 [とうしょ: TOUSHO]  at first; initial.
和らげる [やわらげる: YAWARAGERU]  to soften, to moderate, to relieve.
手を打つ 【てをうつ】 (exp,v5t) (1) to take measures (in face of events being anticipated); (2) to come to an agreement (in bargaining, etc.); to strike a bargain; (3) to clap one's hands together; ED
筋の通らない 【すじのとおらない】 (exp,adj-i) (See 筋の通った) illogical; inconsistent; ED
[うっちゃる: UCCHARU]  (1) to discard, to abandon, (2) to neglect, to let be
収まる [おさまる: OSAMARU]  (1) to be in one's place, to be installed, to settle into, (2) to be delivered, to be obtained, to be paid, (3) to be settled, to be sorted out, (4) to lessen (e.g. of storms, pain), to calm down, (5) to be fit tightly into (e.g. a frame), to be sheathed (in a scabbard).
明くる日 [あくるひ: AKURUHI]  next day, following day.
突止める [つきとめる: TSUKITOMERU]  to determine (esp. a culprit or underlying cause), to pin down, to make sure, to locate, to identify, to find out, to ascertain
真相 [しんそう: SHINSOU]  truth, real situation.

page 38:

確信 [かくしん: KAKUSHIN]  conviction, belief, confidence.
目をつぶる [めをつぶる: MEWOTSUBURU]  (1) to shut one's eyes, (2) to ignore, to pretend not to know
耳を塞ぐ [みみをふさぐ: MIMIWOFUSAGU]  to stop (plug) one's ears
しつこい  (1) insistent, obstinate, persistent, tenacious
波紋 [はもん: HAMON]  (1) ripple, ring on the water
運勢 [うんせい: UNSEI]  fortune, luck

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