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Tazaki Tsukuru p.9-10. A Japanese-English vocabulary of Haruki Murakami's latest novel.

page 9:

図抜ける [ずぬける: ZUNUKERU]  to tower above, to stand out
優秀 [ゆうしゅう: YUUSHUU]  superiority, excellence.
気を配る [きをくばる: KIWOKUBARU]  to pay attention, to be watchful
[いったん: ITTAN]  (1) (uk) once
些細 [ささい: SASAI]  trivial, slight
譲る [ゆずる: YUZURU]  (1) to turn over, to assign, to hand over, to transmit, to convey, to sell, to dispose of, (2) to yield, to surrender, to concede.
理屈 [りくつ: RIKUTSU]  theory, reason.
規則 [きそく: KISOKU]  rules, regulations, conventions.
生来 [せいらい: SEIRAI]  naturally, by nature (birth), congenitally
負けず嫌い [まけずぎらい: MAKEZUGIRAI]  hating to lose, unyielding, unbending, competitive, sore loser.
不機嫌 [ふきげん: FUKIGEN]  pout, displeasure, ill humor, ill humour, sullenness.
負ける [まける: MAKERU]  (1) to lose, to be defeated, (2) to succumb, to give in, to surrender, to yield, (3) to be inferior to, (4) to break out in a rash due to (e.g. lacquer, shaving, etc.), (v1,vt) (5) to reduce the price, to lower the price, to give a discount on.
っぷり (suf) (col) manner; style; KD
口数が少ない [くちかずがすくない: KUCHIKAZUGASUKUNAI]  (exp) taciturn
短気 [たんき: TANKI]  quick temper, short temper.
[おかしがる: OKASHIGARU]  to be amused (by, at), to wonder at
体格 [たいかく: TAIKAKU]  physique, constitution.
申し分 [もうしぶん: MOUSHIBUN]  objection, shortcomings
肩幅 [かたはば: KATAHABA]  shoulder width (breadth)
額 [ひたい: HITAI]  forehead, brow.
どっしり  (on-mim) bulky and heavy, massive, massy, substantial
絶え間ない [たえまない: TAEMANAI]  incessant, constant, continuous, perpetual, everlasting
地道 [じみち: JIMICHI]  steady, honest, sober, straightforward.
大食漢 [たいしょくかん: TAISHOKUKAN]  great eater, glutton
悪口 [わるぐち: WARUGUCHI]  abuse, insult, slander, evil speaking, bad mouth
滅多 [めった: METTA]  (uk) seldom (neg. verb)
場をまとめる ?
円陣 [えんじん: ENJIN]  forming a circle, circular formation (orig. in battle), huddle, ring
檄を飛ばす [げきをとばす: GEKIWOTOBASU]  to issue a manifesto, to appeal
叫ぶ [さけぶ: SAKEBU]  to shout, to cry.

page 10:

選択肢 [せんたくし: SENTAKUSHI]  choices, alternatives, options.
恵む [めぐむ: MEGUMU]  (1) to bless, to show mercy to, (2) to give (money, etc.).
[まずまず: MAZUMAZU]  tolerable, passable, adequate, so-so
強豪 [きょうごう: KYOUGOU]  veteran, champion.
[しばしば: SHIBASHIBA]  (uk) often, again and again, frequently.
呆気ない [あっけない: AKKENAI]  not enough, too quick (short, long, etc.)
敗北 [はいぼく: HAIBOKU]  (1) defeat, (vs,vi) (2) to be defeated.
喫す [きっす: KISSU]  (1) to eat, to drink, to smoke, (2) to suffer (e.g. defeat), to receive (e.g. a blow)
勝敗 [しょうはい: SHOUHAI]  victory or defeat, issue (of battle), outcome.
雨天順延 [うてんじゅんえん: UTENJUN'EN]  rescheduled in case of rain
[もっともらしい: MOTTOMORASHII]  (1) plausible, believable, (2) solemn, dignified, serious.
口を挟む [くちをはさむ: KUCHIWOHASAMU]  to cut into (a conversation), to interject
溺れる [おぼれる: OBORERU]  (1) (uk) to drown, to nearly drown, to sink below the surface (of water).

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