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Tazaki Tsukuru p.11-12. A Japanese-English vocabulary of Haruki Murakami's latest novel.

page 11:

逸れる [それる: SORERU]  to stray (turn) from subject, to get lost, to go astray.
励む [はげむ: HAGEMU]  to be zealous, to brace oneself, to endeavour, to endeavor, to strive, to make an effort.
端正 [たんせい: TANSEI]  handsome, noble
艶 [つや: TSUYA]  (1) gloss, glaze, (2) charm, romance, love, youthfulness, (3) color, colour, feeling.
漆黒 [しっこく: SHIKKOKU]  jet black.
持て余す [もてあます: MOTEAMASU]  to be too much for one, to find unmanageable, to be beyond one's control, to not know what to do with
生真面目 [きまじめ: KIMAJIME]  too serious, person who is too serious, honesty, sincerity
苦手 [にがて: NIGATE]  (1) poor (at), weak (in), not very good (at), (2) dislike (of).
巧み [たくみ: TAKUMI]  skill, cleverness.
披露 [ひろう: HIROU]  announcement, show, display, introduction.
辛抱 [しんぼう: SHINBOU]  patience, endurance.
伸びやか [のびやか: NOBIYAKA]  comfortable, carefree.
埋もれる [うもれる: UMORERU]  to be buried, to be covered, to be hidden.
惜しい [おしい: OSHII]  (1) regrettable, disappointing, (2) precious, dear, valuable, (3) too good for, deserving better, (4) almost but not quite.
骨董品 [こっとうひん: KOTTOUHIN]  curio, antique
募金活動 [ぼきんかつどう: BOKINKATSUDOU]  fund-raising activities
がらり  (1) (on-mim) entirely, suddenly, completely, rudely

page 12:

獣医 [じゅうい: JUUI]  veterinarian.
肛門 [こうもん: KOUMON]  anus
実習 [じっしゅう: JISSHUU]  practice, practise, training (esp. practical and hands-on), drill.
産婦人科 [さんふじんか: SANFUJINKA]  maternity and gynaecology department (gynecology), department of obstetrics and gynaecology (gynecology).
医院 [いいん: IIN]  doctor's office (surgery), clinic, dispensary.
容貌 [ようぼう: YOUBOU]  looks, personal appearance, features
十人並み [じゅうにんなみ: JUUNINNAMI]  being average (capacity, looks) (as good as anyone), mediocrity
愛嬌 [あいきょう: AIKYOU]  (1) charm, attractiveness, amiability, winsomeness, (2) courtesy, ingratiating behaviour, (n) (3) entertainment, amusement, fun.
ふっくら  (on-mim) fully, luxuriantly, fluffy, plump, soft and full
頭の回転が速い quick-thinking
文系 [ぶんけい: BUNKEI]  humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, liberal arts.
税理事務所 tax accountant office
独特 [どくとく: DOKUTOKU]  peculiarity, uniqueness, characteristic.
さっぱり  (1) (on-mim) feeling refreshed, feeling relieved, (2) neat, trimmed, (3) plain, simple, (4) completely, entirely, (5) not in the least (in sentence with negative verb), not at all, (n) (6) completely ignorant, not doing at all.
具える [そなえる: SONAERU]  (1) to furnish, to provide for, to equip, to install, (2) to have ready, to prepare for, (3) to possess, to have, to be endowed with, to be armed with
内気 [うちき: UCHIKI]  bashfulness, shyness, reserve, timidity.
とびっきり  extraordinary, superior, choice
聡明 [そうめい: SOUMEI]  wisdom, sagacity
特徴 [とくちょう: TOKUCHOU]  feature, trait, characteristic, pecularity.
なり  (prt) (1) or, whether or not

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