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Tazaki Tsukuru p.26-27. A Japanese-English vocabulary of Haruki Murakami's latest novel.

page 26:

揃う [そろう: SOROU]  (1) to become complete, to be all present, to be a full set, to have everything at one's disposal, (2) to be equal, to be uniform, (3) to gather, to assemble.
中断 [ちゅうだん: CHUUDAN]  interruption, suspension, break.
すんなり  (1) (on-mim) slim, slender, lithe, supple, (2) (on-mim) smoothly, without resistance, without trouble, without difficulty, without dissent, easily, readily
隙間 [すきま: SUKIMA]  crevice, crack, gap, opening.
網 [あみ: AMI]  (1) net, netting, (2) web.
張り 【ばり】 (suf) (1) in the style of (esp. literary, artistic, etc. works); reminiscent of; (2) attached or stretched on; (P); 【はり】 ; (n) (1) stretch; tension; (2) resilience; springiness; tone; (3) will-power; pluck; pride; 《verb stem》 張る : 張る(P); 貼る(P) 【はる】 ; (v5r) (1) (esp. 貼る) to stick; to paste; to affix; to link (e.g. in WWW forums); (2) to stretch; to spread; to strain; to tighten; to put up (tent); (3) to form (e.g. ice on a pond); (4) to fill; to swell; (5) to stick out; to put; to slap; (6) to be expensive; (v5r,vi) (7) (張る only) (See テンパる・1,聴牌) to become one tile away from completion (mahjong); (P); 《verb stem》 張る 【ばる】 ; (suf,v5r) (uk) to be prominently ...; to be persistently ...; ED
巡る : 巡る(P); 回る; 廻る 【めぐる】 (v5r,vi) (1) to go around; (2) to return; (3) to surround; (4) (See を巡って) to concern (usu. of disputes); (P); ED
時間がつぶれる: to take up a lot of time. (つぶれる: TSUBURERU]  (1) (uk) to be smashed, (2) to become useless, to cease functioning, (3) to go bankrupt.)
一般教養 [いっぱんきょうよう: IPPANKYOUYOU]  general education
課程 [かてい: KATEI]  course, curriculum.

page 27:

凡庸 [ぼんよう: BONYOU]  mediocre, banality, commonplace.
習得 [しゅうとく: SHUUTOKU]  learning, acquisition.
惹く [ひく: HIKU]  to attract, to captivate
活気 [かっき: KAKKI]  energy, liveliness.
欠く [かく: KAKU]  (1) to chip, to nick, to break, to crack, (2) to lack.
平板 [へいばん: HEIBAN]  slab, flat board, monotony, lithography
予測 [よそく: YOSOKU]  prediction, estimation.
桁違い [けたちがい: KETACHIGAI]  off by a digit, in a different league, incomparable
多様 [たよう: TAYOU]  diverse, varied.
選択肢 [せんたくし: SENTAKUSHI]  choices, alternatives, options.
調和 [ちょうわ: CHOUWA]  harmony.
穏やか [おだやか: ODAYAKA]  calm, gentle, quiet.
心を許せる人 [こころをゆるせるひと: KOKOROWOYURUSERUHITO]  (exp) one's trusted friend, confidant

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