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Tazaki Tsukuru p.16-17. A Japanese-English vocabulary of Haruki Murakami's latest novel.

page 16:

滋養 [じよう: JIYOU]  nourishment.
糧 [かて: KATE]  food, provisions
取り置き [とりおき: TORIOKI]  reserving, storing, setting aside, laying away
非常用 [ひじょうよう: HIJOUYOU]  for emergency use
熱源 [ねつげん: NETSUGEN]  heat source
蓄える [たくわえる: TAKUWAERU]  (1) to store, to lay in stock
こぼれ落ちる [こぼれおちる: KOBOREOCHIRU]  to spill over and fall, to scatter (petals, leaves, etc.)
弾き出す [はじきだす: HAJIKIDASU]  to shoot (marbles), to calculate, to spring out, to force out
取り残す [とりのこす: TORINOKOSU]  to leave behind.
怯え [おびえ: OBIE]  (uk) being startled, surprised or afraid, panic, trepidation
不吉 [ふきつ: FUKITSU]  ominous, sinister, bad luck, ill omen, inauspiciousness.
引き潮 [ひきしお: HIKISHIO]  ebb tide
海面 [かいめん: KAIMEN]  sea level, (surface of) sea.
頭を擡げる [あたまをもたげる: ATAMAWOMOTAGERU]  to raise one's head, to come to the fore, to rise into importance, to gain strength, to rear its head
[いくぶん: IKUBUN]  (1) somewhat, to some extent, to some degree
用心深い [ようじんぶかい: YOUJINBUKAI]  wary, watchful.
工科 [こうか: KOUKA]  engineering course.
一貫 [いっかん: IKKAN]  (1) consistency, coherence, integration
面白がる [おもしろがる: OMOSHIROGARU]  to amuse oneself, to be amused, to enjoy, to think fun
ものの  (prt) but, although.
否定的 [ひていてき: HITEITEKI]  negative, contradictory
響き [ひびき: HIBIKI]  (1) echo, reverberation, (2) sound (esp. the distinctive sound of an object or activity, e.g. rain, gun, gallop, drum), noise, (3) quality of a sound (e.g. a fine phrase, clear voice, resonant bell), feeling of a sound.
天職 [てんしょく: TENSHOKU]  (1) vocation, lifework, calling, (2) sacred task (esp. the emperor's rule over the nation)

page 17:

恵比寿 [えびす: EBISU]  Ebisu
外れ [はずれ: HAZURE]  (1) end, verge, extremity, tip, outskirts
空腹 [くうふく: KUUFUKU]  hunger.
異議 [いぎ: IGI]  objection, dissent, protest.
大手 [おおて: OOTE]  (1) major company, big company
駅舎 [えきしゃ: EKISHA]  station building
部署 [ぶしょ: BUSHO]  one's duty post, one's duty station.
微妙 [びみょう: BIMYOU]  (1) delicate, subtle, sensitive, (2) difficult, delicate (situation), complicated, (3) doubtful, questionable, dicey.
段階 [だんかい: DANKAI]  grade, level, stage, class, phase
更に [さらに: SARANI]  (uk) furthermore, again, after all, more and more, moreover, even more.
標準的 [ひょうじゅんてき: HYOUJUNTEKI]  (comp) standard, standardized

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